Distributed User Interfaces for Projector Phones

Markus Löchtefeld; Sven Gehring; Antonio Krüger
In: Jose A Gallud; Ricardo Tesoriero; Victor M.R. Penichet. Distributed User Interfaces: Designing Interfaces for the Distributed Ecosystem. Chapter 14, Springer, 12/2012.


With pico projectors attached or integrated into a mobile phone they allow users to create and interact with a large screen and explore large-scale information everywhere. But through the distribution of information between the small display of the phone and the large projection visual separation effects may occur. To em-power projector phones to their full capabilities we developed a user interface de-sign based on sophisticated techniques that reduces the amount of context switch-es needed to explore the virtual information space of the mobile device. Therefore we utilize a dynamic peephole metaphor. We present a prototype of a map application that implements the design and shows that it simplifies mobile map navigation



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