Touch & Write - Penabled Collaborative Intelligence

Andreas Dengel; Marcus Liwicki; Markus Weber
In: Proceedings of the 3rd Malaysian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Malaysian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MJCAI-11), July 20-22, UNITEN Putrajaya Campus, Malaysia , Malaysia, KTW, 8/2011.


Multi-touch (MT) technology becomes more and more fa- mous and several frameworks have been proposed in the last decade. All of them focus on the support of touch input, gestures, and objects. Re- cently, however, a new generation of MT-tables emerged, which allows for pen-input in addition to the touch paradigm. These devices, such as the Touch & Write Table of DFKI, consider multiple pen interaction. In this paper we propose a software development kit (SDK) which in- tegrates the basic processing of the pen input. Moreover, the Touch & Write SDK includes handwriting recognition and geometric shape detec- tion. Using writing mode detection the SDK automatically applies the correct recognition component based on features extracted from the pen data.



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