The shopper’s path-to-purchase is paved with digital opportunities: An overview of technologies to augment the shopping experience

Kim Willems; Randy Lauriers; Johannes Schöning; Kris Luyten; Antonio Krüger
In: Shopper Marketing Conference 2014. Shopper Marketing Conference, October 13-15, Minneapolis, MN, USA, Stockholm School of Economics, 2014.


Retailing, and especially grocery retailing, is a self-service business context par excellence. In order for the customer’s service experience to be successful, the main prerequisite is that the store enables the customer to get his/her goal accomplished (i.e., shopping as ‘work’ and/or for ‘fun’ – extrinsic, utilitarian versus intrinsic, more hedonic shopping motives; cf. Babin, Darden, & Griffin, 1994). There is however more needed to survive in today’s competitive and rather mature retail context. Retailers, manufacturers and scholars focus ever more on shopper marketing (Shankar, 2011), targeting the shopper ubiquitously, along and beyond the entire path- to-purchase, in a multichannel, multimedia environment (cf. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2010, 24 (2), special issue).



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