Core Technologies for the Internet of Services

Tilman Becker; Catherina Burghart; Kawa Nazemi; 
Patrick Ndjiki-Nya; Thomas Riegel; Ralf Schäfer; Thomas Sporer; 
Volker Tresp; Jens Wissmann
In: Wolfgang Wahlster; Hans-Joachim Grallert; Stefan Wess; Hermann Friedrich; Thomas Widenka (Hrsg.). Towards the Internet of Services: The THESEUS Research Program. Pages 59-88, Cognitive Technologies, ISBN 978-3-319-06754-4, Springer, 10/2014.


Information and knowledge are growing permanently and represent valuable re-sources for many enterprises. The efficient access to knowledge of the enterprise like expertise, contact persons, project and milestone plans etc. may simplify busi-ness processes and lead to time and cost savings.


Förderprogramm THESEUS_CTC_IUI

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