Porting the xEBR Taxonomy to a Linked Open Data compliant Format

Thierry Declerck; Dagmar Gromann
In: Maria Mora (Hrsg.). Proceedings of The Academic Track is part of the Eurofilling XBRL week. Eurofiling XBRL Week, XBRL, SDMX, ISO 20022 and interoperability of standards, June 6-9, Frankfurt, Germany, CEURS, 6/2017.


The XBRL Europe Business Registers (xEBR) working group has developed a Core Reference Taxonomy over the last years. This work represents a milestone in the support of conceptual interoperability concerning the information on company identification and financial statements across European legislations and languages. Our main contribution is to port the current data of this taxonomy, which is available both as an Excel table and in the standard XML format of XBRL, to a Linked Data compliant format in order to make the taxonomy interoperable also at the semantic level. This paper describes the current version of the ontological model resulting from this transformation and explains some of our design decisions.



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