DFKI at the Hannover Messe 2018

The DFKI was once again represented in large numbers at the Hannover Messe (HMI) from 23 to 27 April 2018. The world's most important industrial fair combines all key technologies and core areas of industry in one place – ranging from research and development, industrial automation and IT, through to supply, production technologies and services, as well as energy and mobility technologies.

The DFKI presented itself at the Hannover Messe with several exhibits from the fields of intelligent factory systems, smart services for food production, optimisation of production plants and sensor data fusion for electromobility.

We would like to thank all the visitors who we were able to welcome at the HMI 2018 in Hannover!

The joint stand of the SmartFactoryKL technology initiative and the DFKI (Hall 8, Stand D18)

Simply in the Cloud: Digitalization of Production Facilities Made Easy

How can an existing production plant be digitized? At the joint stand of the SmartFactoryKL technology initiative and DFKI, concrete application scenarios and tomorrow's factory will be demonstrated live. The large industry 4.0 production plant of the SmartFactoryKL partner consortium will present various solutions for this, including the use of intelligent connectors (so-called edge devices). These collect status data of the production machines, which are processed and forwarded using the standardized communication protocol OPC UA via the existing integration layer to a cloud platform. Through intelligent data evaluation, conclusions can be drawn about the condition of the system and, for example, maintenance work can be initiated as required.


Stand of Saarland University, Knowledge and Technology Transfer (Hall 2, Stand B46)

Smart Services in Food Production: From Smart Farming to Data-Driven Business Models

At the stand of Saarland University, the DFKI Smart Service Engineering research department will be showing an exhibit from the "Smart-Farming-Welt (SmarF)" project. Together with several partners, DFKI is working on a cross-manufacturer networking of machines in agricultural crop production with the help of a service platform. The exhibit demonstrates new Smart Services in food production by using a so-called data lake – a kind of storage container for raw data from various devices and programs. This is created through the use of industry 4.0 components that provide data for optimising the raw material and harvesting process, for example during the potato harvest and later during quality control at the producer's site. Deep learning can be used to create forecasts for quality development. In addition to selling the "refined" data to raw material investors, the producer can influence the quality of future deliveries in advance, e.g. by exchanging potato varieties. The farmer benefits by being able to optimize the next harvest season on the basis of this data.


Stand of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy – BMWi (Hall 2, Stand C28)

Service platform for intelligent plant optimization in production

The DFKI will present another project from the field of application Industry 4.0 at the booth of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). In the joint project "SePiA.Pro - Service Platform for Intelligent Plant Optimization in Production", the DFKI research area Intelligent Analytics for Mass Data is developing, together with partners from industry and research, a cross-company, open and standardized service platform for increasing the efficiency of production processes in cyberphysical industry 4.0 production plants. This is achieved by intelligent evaluation and analysis of sensor data and order parameters. In this way, the project realizes the combination of smart services that are provided at the data location. The portability of the services is achieved by bundling a software package into a Smart Service Archive.


Data fusion at the highest level: SADA paves the way for a smooth combination of sensor data in cars with data from the environment.

In addition to innovative technologies for industry 4.0, DFKI will address tomorrow's mobility at the BMWi stand and present the joint project "SADA - Smart Adaptive Data Aggregation". In this project, the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center together with partners developed solutions for the fusion of heterogeneous data from distributed, mobile vehicle sensors with data from previously unknown stationary and mobile infrastructure sensors, sensors in other vehicles or mobile devices with the aim of improving environmental perception. SADA implements this concept as a range extender, i.e. as a trailer with batteries for increased range. The partners will link the appearance at the HMI with the completion of the project and demonstrate the results on the robotic electric vehicle EO smart connecting car 2, developed at the Robotics Innovation Center. Thanks to extended four-wheel steering, the vehicle can drive sideways as well as diagonally and turn on the spot. In addition, it is able to change its morphology and shrink almost 80 cm in length.



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