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Educational Technology Lab

The Educational Technology Lab (EdTec) at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is devoted to using innovative software technologies to support the educational and qualification processes of (pre-)school, academic and professional basic, advanced and further training. Of particular interest is the interaction between educational, organisational and technological development in an increasingly networked and digital world.

Traditional forms of formal and informal teaching, learning and examination are being pushed to their limits in today’s complex, knowledge-based, global society with its variety of educational spaces and possibilities for IT-based information and knowledge management. The possibilities of innovatively shaping education and qualification processes into an active, self-regulated, social process – coupled with the constantly growing capability of ubiquitously accessible hardware and software plus networking via the internet of things, services and data – have created a highly innovative educational landscape across the world. The international team of internationally renowned scientists and experienced software and system developers at the Educational Technology Lab in DFKI’s Berlin site are actively helping to shape this new educational landscape through consultation, research and the development of prototypes.

The application-oriented research and development work and consultation services focus on technologies which use artificial intelligence methods to enable individual learners to adjust their learning objectives, experience and environment in an intelligent and adaptive fashion, as well as offering suitable learning opportunities. This in particular applies to the following areas:

- Intelligent mobile assistance systems which provide context-sensitive just-in-time information
- Web-based knowledge services which compile learning content tailored to learners
- Immersive learning environments where learners operate within multimodal educational spaces
- Semantic knowledge platforms designed to simplify collaboration and exchange of knowledge
- Adaptive self-assessments which run psychologically based interest and suitability tests

The research and development work of the Educational Technology Lab is used in personnel development for DAX companies, SMEs, government departments, NGOs and NPOs. It is also applied to basic, advanced and further training on areas such as industry 4.0, plant and mechanical engineering, logistics, electrical engineering, the automotive sector, aviation, medicine, prevention, and youth, competitive and elite sport. The Educational Technology Lab’s portfolio also includes advising decision-makers on company boards, management boards, in educational institutions, federal and state ministries, foundations, chambers and associations at all levels.

Head: Prof. Dr. Christoph Igel

Deputy Head: Dr. Carsten Ullrich 





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