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Multilingual Technologies

The research group Multilingual Technologies (MLT) in Saarbrücken forms part of the Language Technology Department jointly headed by Prof. Dr. Hans Uszoreit and Prof. Dr. Josef van Genabith. The MLT group is connecting machine learning with knowledge-based systems, combining statistical and rule-based methods and integrating machine translation (MT) technology closely with the working environment of professional human translators. We aim at dialogue systems for the interaction between humans and technial devices as well as scalable MT systems that also make unusual, "difficult", language pairs accessible to digital and multilingual processing.

Appllication scenarios typically are part of everyday life in our societies. Natural language dialogue with technical devices and multilingual commuication is becoming more and more natural in international working and business environments, as well as in recreational activities. They form part of modern multicultural and multinational societies and thus of globalization.

The MLT group pursues key activities in the areas of machine translation (QT21), human-robot interaction (TRADR, PAL), and text processing (through industrial contracts).



German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI GmbH
Campus D3_2
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
66123 Saarbruecken

Head: Prof. Dr. Josef van Genabith
Phone: +49 681 85775 5287

Associate Head: Prof. Dr. Stephan Busemann
+49 681 85775 5286

Secretary Office:
Phone: +49 681 857 75-5282
Fax: +49 681 857 75-5338