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Plan-Based Robot Control

The OsnabrĂĽck branch of the Bremen DFKI Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) develops algorithms for plan-based control of autonomous mobile robotic systems. Fields of application are, e.g., automatic agricultural machines and driverless transport systems.

The field of research includes the three-dimensional sensoric environment perception and the automatic interpretation of the sensed data: Using methods of Artificial Intelligence, the machines determine the semantic context of their current environment. Based on that knowledge, the machine may determine action plans, whose execution allows it to achieve given action goals autonomously. All these processing steps need to be robust against uncertainty and incompleteness of the knowledge and the perception of the robot environment.

Fields of research and development are, consequently:
- 3D mapping and modeling
- semantic sensor data interpretation
- generation and execution monitoring of action plans

RIC's OsnabrĂĽck branch benefits from the basic application-oriented research of the Knowledge-Based Systems Group at the University of OsnabrĂĽck, headed by Prof. Joachim Hertzberg.


Head: Prof. Dr. Joachim Hertzberg
Deputy Head: Dr. Stefan Stiene


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Robotics Innovation Center

Branch office OsnabrĂĽck
ICO InnovationsCentrum OsnabrĂĽck GmbH
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