Perspecting - Perspecting

The goal of Perspecting is to develop and investigate knowledge-based technologies for personal, continuous knowledge acquisition. The made-up word "Perspecting" indicates the two types of processes we focus on:

(1) Prospecting, i.e., finding valuable information items supporting complete information seeking processes integrating new knowledge into one's personal body of knowledge

(2) Building Perspectives. Obtaining goal- and situation-oriented interpretations of information items

More technically, Perspecting is rooted in three core research areas:

(1) Information Retrieval: We aim at long-term usage of user attention data for personalized search

(2) Information Extraction: We aim at exploiting attention data for ontology-based IE.

(3) Knowledge Representation: We aim at formal representations of information seeking episodes for re-use of search experience.


Ansprechpartner: Dipl.-Inform. Ludger van Elst
Projektleitung: Dipl.-Inform. Ludger van Elst

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