Enabling Dynamic Networks using an Architecture for Collaborative Scenarios

Jörg Zwicker; Peter Loos; Otmar Adam; Anja Hofer
In: Raimar J. Scherer; Peter Katranuschkov; Sven-Eric Schapke (Hrsg.). CIB W78 - 22nd Conference on Information Technology in Construction. Conference on Information Technology in Construction (CIB W78), Dresden, Pages 83-90, CIB Publication, Vol. 304, Institute for Construction Informatics, Technische Universität Dresden, 2005.


Collaborative business requires integration of involved enterprises' information systems. Characteristics of project networks like changing business partners or raising exceptions lead to dynamic structures within collaborations. This is a special challenge for a common IT infrastructure. This paper presents an architecture for dynamic cross-enterprise processes' planning, execution, and controlling on a conceptual level. In a first step, a distinction of local and global knowledge is provided in order to establish a Collaborative Business Process Management Lifecycle. Afterwards, requirements for a collaboration-supporting architecture are briefly upraised and the resulting architecture is presented. In a last step, the architecture is adopted to special requirements of AEC. Domain-specific data like placing units and specifications are introduced and the process of tender, placing and accounting is depicted within the architecture. Therefore, different parts of the architecture are involved.

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