Usage metadata based support for learning activity reflection

Martin Wolpers; Martin Memmel; Hans-Christian Schmitz; Martin Friedrich; Marco Jahn; Rafael Schirru
In: Klaus Tochtermann; Hermann Maurer (Hrsg.). Proceedings of I-KNOW '09. International Conference on Knowledge Management and New Media Technology (I-KNOW-09), 9. September 2-4, Graz, Austria, Pages 354-359, ISBN 978-3-85125060-2, Journal of Universal Computer Science, 9/2009.


An important activity for the learner while learning is the reflection on the learning path and strategy. So far, not many tools provide an automatic support for the reflection on the learning activities. Here, we describe our approach to enable reflection with the help of usage and contextual metadata. We describe how we capture usage information and provide algorithms like the identification of similar users, contents and tools for reflection like a learner Zeitgeist application or the elicitation of learning paths.



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