Community-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs - An introduction of the Commius prototype

Thomas Burkhart; Dirk Werth; Peter Loos
In: Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing. IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing (CEC-09), The 1st International Workshop on Emails in e-Commerce and Enterprise Context (E3C), July 20-23, Wien, Australia, IEEE Computer Society, 2009.


The European Commius Project aims at enabling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate easily on the level of system, semantic and process interoperability by just the use of e-mail communication. This will be achieved by enrichment of incoming e-mails with additional information, depending on their contents (semantic interoperability). Furthermore, recommendations of expedient further steps will be provided to process the e-mail (process interoperability). This demo-paper will give a short overview of a prototype developed in the course of the Commius Project.



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