A Journey to the Core of the Blogosphere

Darko Obradovic; Stephan Baumann
In: Nasrulla Memon; Reda Alhajj (Hrsg.). From Sociology to Computing in Social Networks. Pages 25-43, Lecture Notes in Social Networks (LNSN), Vol. 1, Springer, Wien, 7/2010.


Blogs are popular communication instruments in today's web and alto- gether, they form the so-called blogosphere. This blogosphere has repeatedly been subject to structural analyses, and one of the findings has been the discovery of the A-List phenomenon, a cohesive group of influential blogs in the center of the blo- gosphere, whose exact identification remained an open issue. We use six language- specific subsets of the blogosphere, for which we aggregated the blogroll-based net- works. We adapt core theory to analyse and compare the cohesion in these six data sets, and provide a new robust and scalable method for the identification of core- periphery structures in blog networks, which can contribute to identify A-List blogs more reliably. We demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness by comparing the results to random networks and by cross-checking the six language data sets.



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