Improved document image segmentation algorithm using multiresolution morphology

Syed Saqib Bukhari; Faisal Shafait; Thomas Breuel
In: SPIE Document Recognition and Retrieval XVIII. SPIE Conference on Document Recognition and Retrieval (DRR-11), January 23-27, San Francisco, CA, USA, SPIE, 1/2011.


Page segmentation into text and non-text components is an essential preprocessing step before OCR operation. If this is not done properly, an OCR classification engine produces garbage text due to the presence of non-text components. This paper describes improvements to the text/image segmentation algorithm described by Bloomberg,1 which is also available in his open-source Leptonica library.2 The modifications result in significant improvements over Bloomberg's algorithm on UW-III, UNLV, ICDAR 2009 page segmentation competition test images and circuit diagram datasets.



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