Online Mode Detection for Pen-Enabled Multi-Touch Interfaces

Marcus Liwicki; Markus Weber; Andreas Dengel
In: Elena Grassi; Jose L. Contreras-Vidal (Hrsg.). 15th Conf of the International Graphonomics Society. International Graphonomics Society Conference (IGS-2011), June 12-15, Live Aqua Cancun, Mexico, Pages 18-21, 6/2011.


In this paper we describe a system which allows for intuitive pen input for human-machine-interaction on multi-touch surfaces. The system automatically analyzes the handwritten strokes and detects if they correspond to handwriting or to graphics or symbols. We propose an architecture which integrates this online mode detection system into a software development kit (SDK) to ease the design of pen-based applications. This novel toolkit allows for automated ink interpretation including handwriting recognition and shape detection. We have evaluated our system on a set of 1,600 handwritten words and symbols and integrated this system into a running demonstration prototype.

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