What in Fact Is the Role of Stylized Facts in Fundamental Research of Business and Information Systems Engineering?

Peter Loos; Peter Fettke; B. E. Weißenberger; S. Zelewski; A. Heinzl; U. Frank; J. Iivari
In: Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE), Vol. 3, Pages 107-125, Vieweg, 2011.


In the discussion initiated by Winter on “What in fact is fundamental research in business and information systems engineering?” in issue 2/2009, Zelewski submitted the interesting proposal to use the concept of stylized facts as developed in economics in business and information systems engineering (BISE) in order to promote theory building within our discipline (Winter et al. 2009). Stylized facts constitute elements of knowledge in the form of generalized statements that describe the important characteristics and relationships in the context of a studied phenomenon and are widely supported empirically. For example, the empirically proven relationship between the longterm abstention from changing the employer in Japanese companies and amuch larger salary increase compared to U.S. companies is a typical stylized fact in economics



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