RadSpeech, a mobile dialogue system for radiologists

Daniel Sonntag; Christian Husodo Schulz; Christian Reuschling; Luis Galarraga
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI). International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), 17th, February 14-17, Lisboa, Portugal, Pages 317-318, ISBN 978-1-4503-1048-2, ACM, New York, USA, 2012.


With RadSpeech, we aim to build the next generation of intelligent, scalable, and user-friendly semantic search interfaces for the medical imaging domain, based on semantic technologies. Ontology-based knowledge representation is used not only for the image contents, but also for the complex natural language understanding and dialogue management process. This demo shows a speechbased annotation system for radiology images and focuses on a new and effective way to annotate medical image regions with a specific medical, structured, diagnosis while using speech and pointing gestures on the go.

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