ARGUMENTUM - Towards computer-supported analysis, retrieval and synthesis of argumentation structures in humanities using the example of jurisprudence

Constantin Houy; Peter Fettke; Peter Loos; Iris Speiser; Maximilian Herberger; Alfred Gass; Ulrich Nortmann
In: Stefan Wölfl (Hrsg.). KI-2012: Poster and Demo Track. German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-12), 35th, September 24, Saarbrücken, Germany, Pages 30-33, DFKI, 9/2012.


Argumentation represents a fundamental intellectual activity and is, furthermore, one of the central tasks in the context of every scientific discipline. Developing new arguments and analyzing existing argumentation structures is of special importance for the field of humanities and, thus, for jurisprudence. The analysis of existing and the synthesis of new argumentation structures comprise sophisticated intellectual processes which are, nevertheless, bound to the natural limitations of the human information processing capacity. Against the background of the improving electronic availability of a growing corpus of jurisdiction, approaches and techniques from the field of artificial intelligence offer a considerable potential for an automated analysis, retrieval and synthesis of argumentation structures. The project ARGUMENTUM aims at exploring the potential and limitations of computer-supported methods for the analysis, retrieval and synthesis of argumentation structures using the example of law.



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