From Strings to Things SAR-Graphs: A New Type of Resource for Connecting Knowledge and Language

Hans Uszkoreit; Feiyu Xu
In: Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on NLP and DBpedia. International Workshop on NLP and DBpedia (NLP & DBpedia-2013), 1st, located at ISWC 2013, October 21-25, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Vol. 1064, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 10/2013.


Recent research and development have created the necessary ingredients for a major push in web-scale language understanding: large repositories of structured knowledge (DBpedia, the Google knowledge graph, Freebase, YAGO) progress in language processing (parsing, information extraction, computational semantics), linguistic knowledge re- sources (Treebanks, WordNet, BabelNet, UWN) and new powerful techniques for machine learning. A major goal is the automatic aggregation of knowledge from textual data. A central component of this endeavor is relation extraction (RE). In this paper, we will outline a new approach to connecting repositories of world knowledge with linguistic knowledge (syntactic and lexical semantics) via web-scale relation extraction technologies.



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