Systematic Identification of Service-Blueprints for Service-Processes - A Method and Exemplary Application

Thomas Kleinert; Silke Balzert-Walter; Peter Fettke; Peter Loos
In: M. La Rosa; P. Soffer (Hrsg.). Business Process Management Workshops. International Workshop on Reuse in Business Process Management (rBPM-2012), located at BPM 2012, September 3, Tallin, Estonia, Pages 598-610, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP), Vol. 132, ISBN 978-3-642-36285-9, Springer, Heidelberg, 2012.


Reference modeling research aims at offering exemplary process models, that support business decision makers during the implementation of new or the improvement of existing business processes. The idea of service blueprints is to map the idea of reference modeling onto service processes or business processes with significant service elements. The paper at hand introduces an inductive seven-step method for the creation of service blueprints. By the use of techniques like single-entry single-exit regions in process graphs, we simplify clear partitioning of the business processes into potential service blueprints. To further examine the practical usability of the method we document the usage of the seven-step method in a practical use case that is part of a project work. The result is a set of service blueprints that are derived from prior inquired process models and detailed insights concerning the usability of the proposed method.



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