Adaptive Hand-tracked System for 3D Authoring

Alexis Heloir; Fabrizio Nunnari; Christophe Kolski
In: Proceedings of the 26th Conference on L'Interaction Homme-Machine. Conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM-14), October 28-31, Lille, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France, Pages 101-104, ISBN 978-1-4503-2935-4, ACM, New York, NY, 2014.


We present the interaction design and the component architecture of an adaptive authoring system based on a consumer-range 3D input device. We claim that this system can help both novice and experienced users performing authoring tasks in a 3D authoring environment. The system uses a keyboardless self-adaptive interaction controller built upon a rule-based system that learns and infers the user’s behavior/condition on the fly according to her actions; rearranging rules when necessary and suggesting breaks to avoid performance drops caused by fatigue or the so-called gorilla-arm effect.

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