Evaluation of a Real-Time Usability Improvement Framework for Business Information Systems

Sharam Dadashnia; Yannick Konrad; Peter Fettke; Peter Loos
In: Proceedings of the Fall 2016 Future SOC Lab Day. HPI Future SOC Lab, November 3, Potsdam, Germany, Universitätsverlag Potsdam, 2016.


Workflow improvement nowadays plays an important role in the selection process of business information systems. Especially in the context of user-centric de-velopment, the usability of such systems is more and more important for the customers. Therefore, in a first step we implement an integrated framework for a dy-namic usability improvement for software users and a dashboard for software developers. The paper at hand describes an implementation of the developed con-cepts and a first step for evaluation using a running example. The implementation is based on an inte-grated front-end framework called SAP UI5-Framework powered by the In-Memory Database SAP HANA to ensure optimal computation power.

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