Generation of Virtual Characters from Personality Traits

Fabrizio Nunnari; Alexis Heloir
In: Jonas Beskow; Christopher Peters; Ginevra Castellano; Carol O'Sullivan; Iolanda Leite; Stefan Kopp (Hrsg.). Intelligent Virtual Agents: 17th International Conference, Proceedings. International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA-17), 17th, August 28-30, Stockholm, Sweden, Pages 301-314, ISBN 978-3-319-67401-8, Springer International Publishing, 2017.


We present a method to generate a virtual character whose physical attributes reflect public opinion of a given personality profile. An initial reverse correlation experiment trains a model which explains the perception of personality traits from physical attributes. The reverse model, solved using linear programming, allows for the real-time generation of virtual characters from an input personality. The method has been applied on three personality traits (dominance, trustworthiness, and agreeableness) and 14 physical attributes and verified through both an analytic test and a subjective study.

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