Our Service Offering

As an internationally renowned Center of Excellence for innovative software systems based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods we are offering the following services with more than 20 years of experience in basic and applied R&D:


  • Technology transfer of award-winning research results of DFKI
  • Innovation coaching and start-up consulting in the PPP sector
  • Individual design, development and implementation of innovative application solutions
  • Market studies, expert surveys, feasibility analysis and empirical user studies
  • Component development with AI functionality enhancing performance of complex software systems
  • Scientific advice on the selection and implementation of complex software solutions
  • Customization, implementation, deployment and maintenance of our AI solutions
  • Scientific evaluation and benchmarking of software solutions
  • Application-oriented basic research
  • Independent assessment of IT security and privacy
  • Technology workshops, training and practice
  • Scientific monitoring of data collections and their evaluation
  • Business engineering: Process analysis and development
  • Innovation coaching and turnaround management
  • Strategic and technical Due Diligence consulting for companies in the IT sector
  • Technical and organisational support for the standardisation in the IT sector (including W3C, ISO)
  • Design, construction and operation of Living Labs