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FRODO: A Framework for Distributed Organizational Memories. Milestone M1: Requirements Analysis and System Architecture

This document collects and presents the results of the requirements analysis and system design phase of the FRODO project. FRODO aims at developing a comprehensive technology for distributed organizational memories (OMs), comprising an agent-oriented framework as the software basis and a suitable methodology for its introduction in the enterprise. We analyze existing approaches both to OM methodology [...] examine existing agent-based approaches and frameworks and evaluate their usability in the FRODO setting. We elaborate on the problems encountered and the solutions envisioned in the area of information organization and ontology construction and maintenance. We conclude with the design specifications for the FRODO system which will cover the requirements identified above, and with a sketch of the application [...] application scenario which will serve as a testbed for the feasibility and usefulness of the FRODO achievements. Andreas Abecker, Ansgar Bernardi, Ludger van Elst, Andreas Lauer, Heiko Maus, Sven Schwarz, Michael Sintek 2001


EPOS – Evolving Personal to Organizational Knowledge Spaces

Verhandlungsprotokolle auf Meta-Niveau Ontologie basierte Visualisierungskomponenten, Konfigurationsregeln für Aufgaben spezifische Informationsvisualisierung Das Projekt EPOS ist Nachfolger des Projekts FRODO (Framework for Distributed Organization Memories) auf dem viele grundlegende Annahmen, Methoden und Techniken basieren. Die Arbeiten in EPOS zum Semantic Desktop wurden im EU IP-Projekt Nepomuk wei


Exploiting User and Process Context for Knowledge Management Systems

deals with a given task. Apparently, intelligent information services in a business environment should combine both, the personal and the business process perspective. In this paper, we present the FRODO architecture for business process oriented Knowledge Management which amalgamates models of tasks, roles and users into a specific context for information supply. Thus, a better integration of individual


CoMem – Corporate Memory

ourselves, produce new ideas and are able to do a rapid-prototyping for new ideas also brought in from partners. Innovative Our research has a long-standing history. Building on projects such as KnowMore, Frodo and EPOS as origins of our Organizational Memory and Semantic Desktop ideas. An ever trying to extend with new research such as managed forgetting or our Semantic Bridges. Semantic Technologies, Ontologies


FRODO: Ein Agentenframework für verteile Unternehmensgedächtnisse

Ansgar Bernardi, Andreas Dengel, Ludger van Elst, Andreas Lauer, Heiko Maus, Sven Schwarz 2004


FRODO: A Framework for Distributed Organizational Memories

Andreas Abecker, Ansgar Bernardi, Andreas Dengel, Ludger van Elst, Michael Malburg, Michael Sintek, Achim Weigel, Claudia Wenzel 2000

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