The Technology-Initiative SmartFactory-KL – the future factory of industrial automation: is arbitrarily modifiable and expandable (flexible), connects arbitrary components of multiple manufacturers (networked), enables its components to perform context-related tasks autonomously (self organizing) and emphasizes user friendliness (user-oriented).

The proceeding development and integration of modern information technologies will lead to increasing cross-linking, miniaturization and intelligence of systems. Meanwhile this is known as Ambient Intelligence, which stands for intuitive use of nearly invisible micro-appliances within a dynamic environment. The buildup of the SmartFactoryKL has created a development and demonstration center for industrial applications on the basis of multi-vendor capability, where know-how of smart technologies of the future are exchanged between science and practice.

On June 3rd, 2005 the 'Technology-Initiative SmartFactory-KL' was founded. The association has the purpose of supporting the development, application and propagation of innovative industrial plant technologies in different economic branches as well as providing a basis for their extensive usage in science and in practice. Thus the SmartFactoryKL can be recognized as the first European vendor independent demonstration factory for industrial application of modern information technologies.

The initiative of the SmartFactoryKL is a successful example for public-private-partnership; a cooperative collaboration between vendors and users (manufactures) of modern automation technologies as well as representatives of public interests.

The initiative SmartFactoryKL is open to all interested partners.


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