DFKI Transfer Center

The mission of the DFKI Transfer Center is to promote the transfer of technology to  economy and industry by implementing and adapting research results of DFKI. For commercial applications custom-made software solutions were offered, including maintenance and support. In addition, the Transfer Center provides advisory services in regard to feasibility, design and development of innovative software solutions.


Together with the DFKI Competence Centers the Transfer Center offers the following portfolio of services:

  • Technology transfer of award-winning research results of DFKI
  • Individual design, development and implementation of innovative application solutions
  • Market studies, expert surveys, feasibility analysis and empirical user studies
  • Component development with AI functionality enhancing performance of complex software systems
  • Scientific advice on the selection and implementation of complex software solutions
  • Customization, implementation, deployment and maintenance of our AI solutions
  • Scientific evaluation and benchmarking of existing or new software solutions
  • Independent assessment of IT security and privacy
  • Business engineering: Process analysis and development




Dipl.-Inform. Hans-JĂĽrgen Profitlich
Campus D3 2, Raum +2.21
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 SaarbrĂĽcken
Tel.: +49 681 85775 5265
Email: Hans-Juergen.Profitlich@dfki.de