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Hali Lindsay, M.Sc.


Eric Ettore; Philipp Müller; Jonas Hinze; Michel Benoit; Bruno Giordana; Danilo Postin; Rene Hurlemann; Amandine Lecomte; Michel Musiol; Hali Lindsay; Philippe Robert; Alexandra König

In: JMIR Mental Health, Vol. 10, Page e37225, JMIR Publications Toronto, Canada, 2023.

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Hali Lindsay; Johannes Tröger; Mario Mina; Nicklas Linz; Philipp Müller; Jan Alexandersson; Inez Ramakers

In: 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. Resources and Processing of Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Data from People with Various Forms of Cognitive/Psychiatric Impairments (RaPID-2022), June 20-25, Marseille, France, ISBN 979-10-95546-77-1, European Language Resources Association, 6/2022.

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Alexandra König; Philipp Müller; Johannes Tröger; Hali Lindsay; Jan Alexandersson; Jonas Hinze; Matthias Riemenschneider; Danilo Postin; Eric Ettore; Amandine Lecomte; Michel Musiol; Maxime Amblard; François Bremond; Michal Balazia; Rene Hurlemann

In: Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry, Vol. 33, Pages 1-1, Elsevier, 2022.

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