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Stephan Busemann

CC Grandmaster

ICCF Elo 2580

Stephan Busemann started correspondence chess in 1975 in the lowest class of BdF double round robin tmts. He has finished about 300 tournament games since, and scored over 70% of the possible points.

In 1996, he earned the ICCF Grandmaster title and has achieved eight more GM norms since. In team tournaments, he won a German, a European, and four World Championships ("Olympiads" 12, 14, 17, and 20 as a member of the German team). In single tournaments, he has achieved outstanding results in strong invitational tournaments, most prominently the bronze medal in the 21st World Championship Final and shared victory in the Witold Bielecky Memorial, one of the strongest single-round invitational tournaments ever. According to his ICCF Elo rating, Stephan Busemann counts among the top 40 players worldwide.

Due to business duties and other interests, he usually plays no more than 15 games at a time. 

Below is a summary of his major correspondence chess achievements and activities.



Team Result (if applicable)

Individual Result

Title Norm


1st German Junior Championship


Third, 7 / 10 points



9th German Cup (final)


Second, 7 / 10 points



4th German Junior Championship


German Junior Champion 1982-86, 11½ / 12 points



3rd European Team Championship (preliminaries) Board 10

First (FR Germany I)

First, 6½ / 8 points

IM half


1st Danube Team tmt Board 4

Third (FR Germany)

First, 5 / 7 points

IM half




Correspondence Chess International Master



5th Baltic Sea Team tmt Board 3

First (FR Germany I)

Fifth, 10 / 15 points



3rd European Team Championship (final) Board 7

European Team Champion

Second, 6 / 8 points



ICCF World Cup V (final A)


Sixth, 6 / 11 points



1st German Team Cup (final) Board 1

German Team Cup Winner
(SC Kreuzberg Berlin, see photo)

Second, 7½ / 10 points



SSKK Bulletinen 40 years, Invitational, cat. XII


Second, 10 / 14 points

GM (8½ pts)




Correspondence Chess Grandmaster



German Bundesliga, Board 1

German Team Champion 1997/99
(SC Kreuzberg Berlin, see photo)

Second, 5½ / 8 points



12th Olympiad (final) Board 5, postal, cat VIII

World Team Champion
(Germany), see photo

First, 8½ / 11 points

GM (8 pts)


14th Olympiad (= 1st E-mail Olympiad) Section 4, Board 2, cat VII

First (Germany)

First, 8½ / 11 points

GM (8½ pts)


20th World Championship, ¾ final, Section 1, email, cat. XI


Third, 9 / 13 points; qualified for a World Championship final

GM (8½ pts)


14th Olympiad (final) Board 3, email, cat. XI

World Team Champion
(Germany) – we did it again! See photo

Fifth, 6½ / 11 points



Dansk Skak Union 100 years - A, email Invitational, cat. XIII


Second, 7½ / 12 points

GM  (7 pts)


World Championship 21 Final, email, cat. XIV

Bronze medal, 8 / 14 points

GM  (7½ pts)

Hermann-Heemsoth-Memorial, email Invitational, cat. XVI
Twelfth, 7½ / 16 points

GM  (7½ pts)

2011 17th Olympiad (final) Board 4, Server, cat. X World Team Champion
(Germany) - for the third time!
Third, 7 / 12 points   
2012 30th World Championship, Candidates, Section 7, Server, cat. XI   First, 5½ / 10 points; qualified for a World Championship final  
2013 Witold-Bielecki-Memorial, Server Invitational, cat. XVI   (Shared) First, 7½ / 12 points. Tournament page  GM (6 pts)
2014 Champions League 2012 A Board 1, Server, cat XII 6th (The Underdogs I) Nineth, 5½ / 12 points
2016 9th European Team Championship (final) Board 2, Server, cat XII 4th (Germany) Nineth, 5½ / 12 points
2018 World Championship 29 Final, Server, cat XIII Twelfth, 7½ / 16 points
2018 20th Olympiad (final) Board 3, Server, cat XI World Team Champion
(Germany) - for the fourth time!
Third, 6½ / 12 points
2019 10th Baltic Sea Team Tournament Board 1, Server, cat X 12th, Germany-2 (BdF Officials) Third, 7 / 12 points
2021 Germany Grandmasters 08-A, Server, cat XIII (Shared) First, 7 / 13 points GM (7 points)
2021 21st Olympiad (final) Board 2, Server, cat XII Germany (Shared) Third, 6 / 12 points
Jubilee 35 Years Swiss CC Section A, Server, cat XIV 3 / 6 points, 6 games ongoing
Kresim 10/ Troyan 150, Server, cat XIV 1½ / 3 points, 5 games ongoing

Some brief explanations: Tournament describes the activity, Year its completion. Tournaments may have a category, which is a measure for the nominal strength of the tournament. Category XI is a really strong tournament, XIV is world championship level, and anything beyond that is very rare. Categories are based on the average Elo numbers of the participants. Elo numbers represent a player's nominal strength. For instance, Elo 2400 is master level, and 2500 is grandmaster level. As every game is evaluated, Elo numbers include to some extent all recent successes and failures, which is why there are masters at 2500 and grandmasters at 2400, too. The influence of chess engines has led to an increasing draw rate and thus to a convergence of ratings.

 In a team event, each team player is assigned a board. Usually board numbers reflect the strength of the players within the team (the strongest player is on board 1). Each player plays against the same board of all opponent teams. Thus separate tournaments for each board are played, but they are counted together to form the Team Result. Individual Result describes the result achieved in either a single or a team event.

Title Norm shows norms achieved. Norms depend on the category and number of players in a tournament, among other things. Earning many Grandmaster (GM) norms demonstrates high class results over a longer period.

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