CIA-2001 Awards

The CIA 2001 workshop issues a best paper and system award to acknowledge highly innovative research and development, respectively,
in the area of intelligent information agents. Only submissions to the CIA 2001 workshop will be evaluated.
Both awards will be given in the closing session of the workshop on September 8, 2001.

CIA System Innovation Award 2001

First winner of the CIA 2001 System Innovation Award:
LEAP - Enabling FIPA agents on small devices
Federico Bergenti et al. (University of Parma, Italy)

Second winner of CIA 2001 System Innovation Award:
Towards efficient and reliable agent communication in wireless environments
Heikki Helin et al. (Sonera Corporation, Finland)

This year's prize money is shared among both winners.
Other nominated systems (no demonstrations at the workshop) were ranked in descending order as follows:

AMUSEMENT - Improving Communication in 3D Virtual Environments by Means of Task Delegation in Agents
Angélica de Antonio et al. (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)

SEMI - Equilibria strategies for selecting sellers and satisfying buyers
Claudia V. Goldman et al. (Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel)

CIA Best Paper Award 2001

Each paper submitted to the CIA 2001 workshop will be considered for nomination for the "CIA Best Paper Award" by the programme committee.

The CIA 2001 Best Paper Award has been given (PC vote: 71% Yes, 29% No) to
"Optimality and Risk in Purchase at Multiple Auctions" by Onn Shehory (IBM Research, Israel)

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