Tenth International Workshop CIA 2006 on


Cooperative Information Agents

September 11 - 13, 2006

                                 University of Edinburgh, UK


In cooperation with ACM SIGART, ACM SIGWeb,  ACM SIGKDD, Global Grid Forum

Program Brochure (pdf), Call for papers (txt), Flyer (pdf)

Aims & Scope

An intelligent information agent is a computational software entity that is capable of accessing one or multiple, potentially heterogeneous and distributed information sources, proactively acquiring, mediating, and maintaining relevant information or services on behalf of its human users, or other agents, preferably just in time and anywhere. One key challenge of developing intelligent and cooperative information system is to balance the autonomy of networked data, information, and knowledge sources with the potential payoff of leveraging them by the appropriate use of such agents. Research on intelligent information agents and systems is inherently cross disciplinary covering themes from domains such as artificial intelligence, HCI, Internet and Web technologies, information systems, KDD, IR, P2P and grid computing, and multiagent system technologies as well.

The objective of the international workshop series on cooperative information agents (CIA), since its establishment in 1997, is to provide a distinguished, interdisciplinary forum for researchers, programmers, and managers to get informed about, present, and discuss latest high quality results in research and development of agent-based intelligent and cooperative information systems, and applications for the Internet and Web. In addition, special topic of interest of the 2006 edition of this series is agent based semantic grid computing systems, and applications.

This year, the annual meeting of the IEEE computer society standards organisation FIPA on intelligent and physical agents is co-located with CIA 2006.

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