OWL-S Service Composition Planner

What is OWLS-XPlan about ?

The OWL-S service composition planner allows for fast and flexible composition of OWL-S services in the semantic Web. OWLS-Xplan converts OWL-S 1.1 services to equivalent problend domain descriptions that are specified in the planning domain description language PDDL 2.1, and invokes an efficient AI planner Xplan to generate a service composition plan sequence that satisfies a given goal. Xplan extends an action based FastForward-planner with both a HTN planning and re-planning component. In addition, it generates a QoS-optimized execution plan for a given composition plan.
OWLS-XPlan is the first OWL-S composition planner that is available as open source. It
has been developed by Andreas Gerber, Marcus Schmidt, Suleman Butt, and Matthias Klusch at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in the project SCALLOPS (http://www.dfki.de/scallops).

For more detailed information on OWLS-XPlan, we refer to the Readme.txt and relevant publication:

How to get OWLS-XPlan ?

You may download and use the open source software of OWLS-XPlan under Mozilla Public License 1.1 (see Readme.txt).
The releases of the OWLS-XPlan composition planner are as follows

How to use the latest OWLS-XPlan version 1.0 ?

You need Java J2SEE version 1.5 (JDK 5), or higher to run the OWLS-XPlan: 

For using OWLS-XPlan 1.0, we recommend you to read the user manual before starting to work with the software:
http://www.dfki.de/~klusch/owls-xplan/OWLS-XPlan-1-Manual.pdf  (2.3MB)

Known issues and bugs of version 1.0

Next version of OWLS-XPlan ?

OWLS-XPlan version 2 will have the following features
Expected release date: 2006

Support and contact ?

PLEASE report any bugs and errors encountered to us; we are continuously working to improve OWLS-XPlan.

For OWLS-XPlan software support and help, please contact
        For general inquiries, please contact:
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