Intelligent User Interfaces
Design and Implementation  The Schedule

Technical University of  Kaiserslautern, Computer Science, Course: 89-7159
Fall Semester 2013-2014
Instructor: Dr. Daniel Sonntag, DFKI   
Lecture time: Fr., 10-11:30, room 48-462  
Recitation time: Thursdays, 12:00, DFKI Kaiserslautern, room  2.04 BAYES
Tutors: Takumi Toyama, Jason Orlosky
Credit points: 4 ECTS-CP (2C+1R)
Office hours: By appointment 

Description of the Course
This course will introduce you to the design and implementation of Intelligent User Interfaces (IUIs). IUIs aim to
incorporate intelligent automated capabilities in human computer interaction, where the net impact is a human-computer interaction that improves performance or usability in critical ways. It also involves designing and implementing an artificial intelligence (AI) component that effectively leverages human skills and capabilities, so that human performance with an application excels. IUIs embody capabilities that have traditionally been associated more strongly with humans than with computers: how to perceive, interpret, learn, use language, reason, plan, and decide.
Methods and models of artificial intelligence, it is good to have taken one AI class and one HCI class or another class in the master programme (Msc.) curriculum "Intelligente Systeme" but this is not required.


Grading will be based on the assignments, the recitations (required prerequisite for final examination), and the oral or written examination.

Major Topics Related Computer Science Courses (University of Kaiserslautern, Fall 2013-2014)
Introduction to Artifical Intelligence, Prof. Lukowicz 
Semantic Technologies, Prof. Dengel 
Natural Language Processing and Applications, Prof. Breuel
Human Computer Interaction, Prof. Ebert 

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Approximate Schedule (subject to chance)

Dates Topics Sources Exercise Sheets
1. (October 25) Introduction to IUI, Design aspects [slides1]
2. (November 1) Reading List (public holiday), see How-to-Read-an-IUI-Research-Paper

3. (November 8)  
AI aspects, Intelligent Agents, Social Interaction
[Exercise Sheet 1]
(due to Nov 14)
4. (November 15)
Cognitive aspects (Human), Psycholinguistic aspects, Invited Lecture 1 (Dynamic augmented reality text management): Jason Orlosky, Osaka University (IUI conference, best paper award 2013) [slides3a] [slides3b]
[Exercise Sheet 2]
(due to Nov 21)
5. (November 22) Production rules, Cognitive architectures (AI based), Common Sense, Metacognition and introspection [slides4]
[Exercise Sheet 3]
(due to Nov 28)
6. (November 29) Learning and automatic adaptation and planning in IUIs: integrating clustering and classification, precision/recall, ROC, ANOVA [slides5]
[Exercise Sheet 4]
(due to Dec 5)
7. (December 6) Knowledge engineering / modeling / capture in IUIs; RDF(S), OWL-DL, Discourse modeling, Dialogue-based question answering [slides6]
8. (December 13) Output modalities, semantic navigation and automated presentation design/planning;  Invited Lecture 2 (Interactive user-centred layouting using linear CSP solving,  Dr. Sebastian Theophil, IUI company think-cell.) Pictures
9. (December 20) Recitation / Examination: Form for Critiques  Form for Critiques
10. (January 10) Cross-model co-reference Planning, Emotions and affective / accessible computing, Input modalities and Perception, Conversational agents [slides8]
[Emotional Interaction]
[Exercise Sheet 5]
(due to Jan 16)
11. (January 17) Human Computing vs. Human Computation [slides9] [Exercise Sheet 6]
(due to Jan 23)
12. (January 24) Collaborative Multimodality and new Educational Interfaces, User modeling [slides10]
[Exercise Sheet 7]
(due to Jan 30)
13. (January 31) Applications and Projects
14. (February 14) Final oral examination  Get your appointment!


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