Intelligent User Interfaces  
Design and Implementation  The Schedule
Principal lecturer: Dr. Daniel Sonntag, DFKI   

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Nachklausur (Retake): September 13, 2016, Room 46-110, 08:30-11:00

Technical University of  Kaiserslautern, Computer Science, Course: 89-7159  INF-71-59-V-6
Fall Semester 2015-2016
Lecture time: Fr., 10-11:30, Uni KL (also used for recitations) 
We have three full day appointments: Nov 21 (46-110
Dec 12, Jan 9 (and Jan 23)), 10-13:30,
lecture hall (42-110)

Recitation Time: Fridays, 10:00, 13-370
Tutors: Markus Weber (Msc.), Michael Barz (Msc.), Andreas Luxenburger (Msc.), Praveen Tirupattur (Msc.)
Credit points: 4 ECTS-CP (2C+1R)
Office hours: By appointment

Description of the Course
Major Topics Related Computer Science Courses (University of Kaiserslautern)
Related International Artificial Intelligence & HCI Courses
Dates Topics Sources Exercise Sheets
1. (October 30) Introduction to IUI, Design aspects [slides1]
2. (November 6) Reading List, see How-to-Read-an-IUI-Research-Paper
Introduction of the IUI software project

[Exercise Sheet 1]
(due to Nov 20)
3. (November 21)  
AI aspects and Social Interaction
Examples of socially integrated smart objects like digital pens (digital enhancement, "Digitale Veredelung") and the Internet of Thinks (IoT)

4. (November 21)
Intelligent Agents, Cognitive aspects (Human), Psycholinguistic aspects
[slides2] [CBR]
[agents] [Cognitive

5. (November 21) Production rules, Case-based reasoning, Cognitive architectures (AI based), Common Sense

[Exercise Sheet 2]
(due to Dec 11)
6. (December 12) Learning and automatic adaptation and planning in IUIs: integrating clustering and classification, precision/recall, ROC, ANOVA

7. (December 12) Knowledge engineering / modeling / capture in IUIs; RDF(S), OWL-DL, Discourse modeling and introspection, Dialogue-based question answering, Natural Language Access to Big Data (NLA2BD)
8. (December 12) Input/Output modalities, semantic navigation and automated presentation design/planning; Theoretical Foundations of Multimodal Interfaces  [eyeTracking]
[Exercise Sheet 3]
(due to Jan 8)
9. (January 8) Recitation / Examination: Form for Critiques
Form for Critiques
10. (January 9) Cross-modal co-reference, Emotions and affective / accessible computing, Conversational agents [slides4]
[Emotional Interaction]

[Exercise Sheet 4]
(due to Jan 28)
11. (January 9) Human Computing (Physiological Computing) vs. Human Computation


12. (January 9) Collaborative Multimodality and new Educational Interfaces, User modeling [educational

13. (February 1) Applications and Projects
Software Project / Submission (contact Markus Weber or Michael Barz)

14. (February 13/19) Final examination

15. (September 13) Nachklausur (Retake) Room: 46-110, 08:30-11:00

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