Typesetting XTDL Grammars and Typed Feature Structures

2004-11-18 Ulrich Schäfer

FS2LaTeX is a smart tool that generates LaTeX code from the XTDL (SProUT) grammar syntax or from XML representations of typed feature structures, e.g., as generated by SProUT runtime and JTFS. FS2LaTeX makes it easy to insert typed feature structures into documentations, papers, theses or slides. Possible applications are

FS2LaTeX comes in a tiny JAR archive. The only prerequisite is a JRE 1.4 -- neither SProUT nor any other Java library is required to run FS2LaTeX from command line.

Related stuff (see http://heartofgold.dfki.de)

rmrs2latex.xsl (a q&d blend of FS2LaTeX and rmrs2html.xsl)
       Input DTD: A subset of rmrs.dtd by Ann Copestake.
       plus additional input characters in a <text> element below <rmrs>,
       e.g., <text><c>t</c><c>e</c><c>x</c><c>t</c></text>
       Output: LaTeX
       Processing: e.g. xsltproc rmrs2latex.xsl inputrmrs.xml > rmrs.tex

       Adjust number of EPs in variable lineBreakAfterThisManyPreds.
       Set overall font size after \begin{rmrs}.
       Current output encoding is latin1. You may wish to experiment with
       LaTeX UTF-8 mode. In this case, set xsl:output encoding to utf-8 
       and modify the documentclass/usepackage header (not tested).