15th CLAM - INKA - OMRS Workshop, CIAO-2006

5. 4. - 7. 4. 2006, Braunshausen (close to Dagstuhl)


The CLAM-INKA-OMRS workshop (CIAO-2006) will be held in Braunshausen, Germany (located close to Dagstuhl) from the 5th to the 7th April 2006.

It is intended to provide a snapshot of research into automating mathematical reasoning, especially in the areas of proof planning, rippling, verification and related areas. Given the widening interested in these areas, the CIAO-2006 workshop is inviting participation from groups involved in closely related research.

Participation and Talks

If you plan to attend the CLAM-INKA-OMRS Workshop, please send an email to me (hutter@dfki.de) as soon as possible but not later than February 15th 2006. If you also plan to give a talk, please specify the title and abstract and any constraints you may have (eg. you have to present on the 4th). The deadline is the same.

Information about some previous workshops are available at


of CIAO-2006 are available here and as a zip-file (50MB!!!) here


The workshop will be held at the Bildungszentrum Braunshausen rather close to Dagstuhl. We will organize a mini-bus shuttle from the railway stations (Saarbruecken/Tuerkismuehle) to this location.



a sketch of the program including abstracts of most talks can be found here

Further Information

Weather forecast for the Saarland is available here

If you don't trust weather forecasts, have a look at the actual weather in Saarbruecken: looking at the castle

German train schedule is available here

If you travel via (Frankfurt-)Hahn there is a direct bus connection between Frankfurt-Hahn and Saarbruecken

Update (2006/3/15): the distance (by car) between Frankfurt-Hahn and Braunshausen is about 50km (Frankfurt-Hahn to Saarbruecken or Frankfurt is more than 100 km!). Hence, if there is a need for transportation from Frankfurt Hahn we could try to pick you up at Hahn. Please send us your travel dates asap.


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