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Preliminary Schedule

9:00 Intro, Welcome
9:20 Keynote: Jeff Orkin, Cognitive machines group, MIT Media Labs, Cambridge, MA, USA
Title: "Learning Models of Social Behavior and Dialogue with The Restaurant Game"
10:00 Q&A,
10:20 coffee break
10:45 S. Calinon & A. Billard, "Robot Programming by Demonstration Framework Integrating Statistical and Social Cues"
11:05 Maren Bennewitz, Tobias Axenbeck, Sven Behnke, & Wolfram Burgard , "Robust Recognition of Complex Gestures for Natural HRI"
11:25 Matthieu Lagarde , Pierre Andry , Philippe Gaussier,  & Giovannangeli Christophe, "Learning new behaviors: Toward a Control architecture merging spatial and temporal modalities"
11:45 O. Booij, B. Krose, J. Peltason, T. Spexard, & M. Hanheide "Moving from augmented to interactive mapping"
12:10 lunch break
13:30 Keynote: Jan Peters, Max-Planck Institute of Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany.
Title: "Towards Motor Skill Learning in Robotics"
14:10 Q&A
14:20 Adriana Tapus & Maja Matari, "Active Learning for Socially Assitive Robotics for Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia Care"
14:40 Ayanna M. Howard, Sekou Remy, & Hae Won Park, "Learning of Arm Exercise Behaviors: Assistive Therapy based on Therapist-Patient Observations"
15:00 Jure Zabkar, Ivan Bratko, Ashok Mohan & Erwin Prassler , "Learning qualitative models by an autonomous robot"
15:20 coffee break
15:45 Keynote: Aude Billard, Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Title: "Adaptive Control and Imitation Learning in Robots"
16:25 Q&A
16:35 Panel/open discussion
17:00 End of workshop


April 3, 2008
Preliminary website up

April 4, 2008
CFP distributed

May 26, 2008
Program created

July 20, 2008
Program updated

August 30, 2008
Proceedings uploaded