A central vision of the research department Intelligent User Interfaces is the development of personal information assistents which facilitate user access to the global information highways. These assistants are characterized by their ability to retrieve relevant information, reorganize it, encode it in different media, such as text, graphics and animation and to present it to the user as a multimedia presentation. Drawing upon the metaphor of a human secretary, the assistent appears as a virtual person.

Further topics of the research department are telecooperation systems and natural-language systems. In particular, we would like to emphasize our engagement in the BMBF-funded longterm project Verbmobil. The objective of this project was the development of a speaker-independent system for the translation of spontaneous speech. In addition to project supervision and management, our research departments also conducted the Verbmobil subprojects generation, dialog management and system integration.

The SmartKom-Project - also funded by the BMBF - aimed on research and development of a self-explaining, multimodal interface for a dialogue based human computer interaction.

Head of the Intelligent User Interfaces Lab: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster

Coordinates of the Intelligent User Interface Lab
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