DFKI-LT - German Competence Center in Speech and Language Technology

The German Competence Center for Language Technology was founded as a public service to the global R&D community in language technology and neighboring technology areas, to the German IT industry and to German companies and other organizations planning to employ language technology applications. In addition to a wide variety of free service functions, the Center also offers highly specialized professional services to private customers.

The Competence Center comprises the following components:

  1. the Virtual Information Center "Language Technology World", the world's most comprehensive information resource about speech and language technology,
  2. the Demonstration Center in Saarbrücken, which offers interested parties the possibility to play and experiment with different speech and language technologies, or to attend guided demonstrations,
  3. the Evaluation Center, which conducts evaluations of the overall usability of language technology systems and advances knowledge of relevant usability issues and evaluation methods.

The Competence Center is hosted by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

Virtual Information Center "Language Technology World"

LT World is a comprehensive ontology-based information service for the global language technology community. It is a "virtual" center in the sense that most information physically remains with their creators or with other service providers. The wealth of information is divided into four top level areas

A new edition of the "Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology" is in preparation.

Demonstration Center

The demonstration center, located at DFKI in Saarbrücken, gathers research software and commercial products from all over the world that exemplify the functionalities and the potential of our technologies. Representative systems of selected major application areas are installed at the center and skillfully demonstrated to interested parties. Application areas include voice dialing, morphological analysis, text-to-speech synthesis, information extraction, multimedia indexing, grammar checking, dictation systems, machine translation, and customer relationship management. A mobile version of the center will be operational in 2004.

Evaluation Center

The evaluation center concentrates on the user-centered assessment of LT methods, technologies, applications and specific products. Advanced methodology from cognitive psychology and HCI is adapted and extended to the study of usability and the adequacy of applications with respect to clearly specified tasks. The application of the results reaches from improved and new methodologies for system evaluation to studies of individual systems for specific customers.

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