DFKI-LT - Completed Projects

LFG4SalsaSyntax-Semantik Schnittstelle für Frame Semantik
CLARINCommon Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
FLAGA Flexible Language and Grammar Checker
CRACKERCracking the Language Barrier: Coordination, Evaluation and Resources for European MT Research
TRADRLong-Term Human-Robot Teaming for Robot-Assisted Disaster Response
WIKWir im Kiez
DeependanceDeep Dependency-Oriented Analysis with Non-Discrete Constraints
ExcitementEXploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT
MEDIXINSemantic Search Technologies for Information Extraction and Question Answering in Medical Domain
MultilingualWeb-LTMultilingual Web - Language Technologies
NIFTiNatural human-robot cooperation in dynamic environments
IKSInteractive Knowledge Stack for small to medium CMS/KMS providers
BESAHOTExplanative Bewertungsanalyse für die Saarländische Hotellerie
Förderprogramm THESUEUS AlexandriaWerkzeuge für semantisch gestützten Zugriff auf Medieninhalte
TAKETechnologies for Advanced Knowledge Extraction
D-SPINDeutsche Sprachressourcen-Infrastruktur
DiLiA The intelligent Library Assistant
SEMAINESustained Emotionally coloured Machine-human Interaction using Nonverbal Expression
HyLAPHybrid language processing technologies for a personal associative information access and management application
RASCALLIResponsive Artificial Situated Cognitive Agents Living and Learning on the Internet
HUMAINEHuman-Machine Interaction Network on Emotions
DirectInfoMedia Monitoring and Multimodal Analysis of Time Critical Decisions
VIeWsVernetzung von Information und Wissen in saarland.de
VM-DEEPDeep Linguistic Analysis in Verbmobil
ICCInnovation at the Call-Center
PARADICE Parameterizable NL Discourse Core Engine
QTLeapQuality Translation by Deep Language Engineering Approaches
LIDERLIDER: Linked Data as an enabler of cross-media and multilingual content analytics for enterprises across Europe
TrendMinerLarge-scale, Cross-lingual Trend Mining and Summarisation of Real-time Media Streams
WINSWeb-based Intelligence for common-interest fiscal Networked Services
Forum Smart DataExpertise and innovation from Smart Data
HYSOCIATEAHybrid Social Teams for Long-Term Collaboration in Cyber-Physical Environments
ALIZ-EAdaptive Strategies for Sustainable Long-Term Social Interaction
ConQAControlled Semantic-based Question Answering
COSYCognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistants
EAGLESExpert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards
CogXCognitive Systems that self-understand and self-extend}
ATLASApplied Technology for Language-Aided CMS
SDWSmart Data Web
HITHybrid Information Extraction from Texts
DISCODialogue system fpr co-operating agents
QT21QT21: Quality Translation 21
QT21QT21: Quality Translation 21
SD4MSmart Data For Mobility
SSPNetSocial Signal Processing Network
META NetA Network of Excellence forging the Mulilingual Europe Technology Alliance
TechWatch ORDOOntologies and Language Technologies for Technology Observation in Theseus-ORDO
SKATE-WSAP Knowledge Authoring and Text Enhancement
DKTDigitale Kuratierungstechnologien
IDEAS4GAMESIntelligent dialogue control and expressive speech synthesis for computer games
ALL-SIDESALL-SIDES: Advanced Large-Scale Language Analysis for Social Intelligence Deliberation Support
ALL-SIDESALL-SIDES: Advanced Large-Scale Language Analysis for Social Intelligence Deliberation Support
InteractInteractive Manual Assembly Operations for the Human-Centered Workplaces of the Future
taraXÜSelf-Adapting Machine Translation with Multi-Approach Language Technology
KomParseDialoging NPCs in natural game environments
QALL-MEQuestion Answering Learning technologies in a multilingual and Multimodal Environment
IST-WorldKnowledge Base for RTD competencies
SmartWebMobile Broadband Access to the Semantic Web
QTLaunchPadPreparation and Launch of a Large-Scale Action for Quality Translation Technology
SprinterLanguage Technology for Interactive, Multi-Media Online Language Learning
AccuratAnalysis and Evaluation of Comparable Corpora for Under-Resourced Areas of Machine Translation
LFG4Salsa2Saarbrücken Lexical Semantics Acquisition Project
LIRICS Linguistic Infrastructure for Interoperable Resources and Systems
GDETGeneral Document Extraction Technology
ISSAInference-based Search on Support Requests
IntellektixSmart Information Extraction for the Detection and Linking of Knowledge
MONNETMultilingual Ontologies for Networked Knowledge
SmartSenior_HUSmart Senior
MESHMultimedia Semantic Syndication for Enhanced News Services
FlosspolsFree/Libre/Open Source Software: Policy Support
Support Program THESEUS_MED_LTSupport Program Theseus Medico Use Case
K-SpaceKnowledge Space of semantic inference for automatic annotation and retrieval of multimedia content
PyPyResearching a Highly Flexible and Modular Language Platform and Implementing it by Leveraging the Open Source Python Language and Community
QUETALA multi-lingual template-based question/answering system for exploring large collections of annotated free text documents
AIRFORCEVorhersagen im Luftverkehr in Europa
MEMPHISMultilingual Content for Flexible Format Internet Premium Services
WHITEBOARDMultilevel Annotation for Dynamic Free Text Processing
GETESSGerman Text Exploitation and Search System
MUSIMulti-lingual Summarisation Tool for the Internet
Rainbow IIAn Object Network for Statisticians and Administrations
MIETTAMultilingual Tourist Information on the World Wide Web
OLIVEPlay it again, Sam! - Retrieval of video material based on speech-recognition
PARADIMEIntelligent Extraction of Information from On-line Documents
VerbmobilTranslation of Spontaneous Speech
TWENTYONEDisclosure and dissemination of documents on sustainable development
DiETDiagnostic and Evaluation tools for Natural Language Applications
MULINEXMultilingual Indexing,Navigation and Editing Extensions for the WWW
TAMIC-PTransparent Access to Heterogenous Information Sources for the General Public
TEMSISTransnational Environmental Management Support & Information System
COLLATEComputational Linguistics and Language Technology for Real Life Applications
MUMISMultimedia Indexing and Searching Environment
POP-EYEDisclosure of video material on the basis of sub-titles
COLLATE 2COmputational Linguistics and LAnguage TEchnology for real-life applications 2
TAMIC Transparent Access to Multiple Information for the Citizen
PAVOQUEPArametrisation of prosody and VOice QUality for concatenative speech synthesis in view of Emotion expression
RELATOR Distributed European Linguistic Resource Repository
NECAA Net Environment for Embodied Emotional Conversational Agents
JACYJapanisch in Kooperation mit YY
TSNLPTest Suites for Natural Language Processing
MUCHMOREMultilinguale Konzepthierarchien zur Ordnung und Retrieval von medizinischen Informationen
CLASSiks Crosslingual Information and Knowledge Management Systems
CarmenCitizens Advanced Relationship Management
CheckpointCheckpoint - Hybride Grammatik- und Stilprüfung