COmputational Linguistics and LAnguage TEchnology for real-life applications 2

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the successful German Competence Center for Language Technology and the position of German R&D in the language technology arena. This will be achieved by improving the services of the Competence Center through the utilization of new language and interaction technologies, and through leading-edge research in selected strategic areas of language technology. The project comprises the following main activities:

Funded by:Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project Manager:Hans Uszkoreit (Hans.Uszkoreit@dfki.de)
Contact:Stephan Busemann (Stephan.Busemann@dfki.de)
Duration: 01.11.2003 - 31.12.2006
Partners:GermanyDFKI (coordinator),
GermanyUniversitšt des Saarlandes