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Citizens Advanced Relationship Management

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CARMEN aims to improve relationships between citizens, businesses and Local Authorities by deploying a modern back office operation that combines new multi-media channels as well as traditional access methods. The new CRM-like back office system will offer citizens and businesses alike far more communication choice and extended functionalities with city services by fully exploiting the benefits of broadband and mobile communications - including web portals as well as call centers, SMS and other technologies. In addition, the system will also enable Public Administrations to respond to citizens and businesses more individually by providing an archive track of citizen requests that can be used in the development of personal and group profiles.

By providing the CARMEN CRM Platform in an ASP mode to the Public Administrations participating in the project, the task of making huge investments is avoided. These modules will be integrated into the applications already available in the cities.

Each participating city will be able to capture key information from the existing databases, and deliver it to citizens and SMEs in a variety of means, also making use of personal or group profiles. The delivery of information will take advantage as much as possible of the existing broadband infrastructures and mobile communication systems.

The application domains where the service will be introduced have been identified in advance by the Pilot Cities, and encompass a wide range of application fields from Environment to Traffic & Mobility, Personal Services and e-Democracy.

Funded by:European Union
Project Manager:Walter Kasper (Walter.Kasper@dfki.de)
Contact:Walter Kasper (Walter.Kasper@dfki.de)
Duration: 01.10.2005 - 31.03.2007
Partners:EnglandSheffield City Council (coordinator),
GermanyStadt Saarbrücken,
ItalyComune di Prato,
EnglandBlack Country Consortium,
ItalyAncitel SpA,
ItalyLaboratori G. Marconi