Multilingual Indexing,Navigation and Editing Extensions for the WWW


The MULINEX project is concerned with the efficient use of multilingual online information. The aim is to process multilingual information and present it to the user in a way which facilitates finding and evaluating the desired information quickly and accurately. The international project is co-ordinated by the DFKI. In the initial phase of the project search queries and summaries of web documents are translated to enable the user to make use of multilingual information. At a later stage, aided by technology from the area of Computational Linguistics, multilingual content will be indexed not only using words occurring in the text, but also according to concepts. The application will offer an economic advantage in particular to providers of multilingual online and WWW services. At present the Internet is still dominated by English services and content. However, the proportion of information present in other languages is increasing daily. In the not too distant future, citizens of the information society will be able to navigate through the digitalised knowledge of humanity in their mother tongue; even though this knowledge will be distributed across the globe in a multitude of languages.

Funded by:European Union (Language Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Programme)
Project Manager:Hans Uszkoreit (Hans.Uszkoreit@dfki.de)
Contact:Hans Uszkoreit (Hans.Uszkoreit@dfki.de)
Duration: 11.11.1996 - 31.03.1999
GermanyBertelsmann Telemedia GmbH,
ItalyDATAMAT Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.A.,
FranceGrolier Interactive Europe,
GermanyTRADOS Germany GmbH