Disclosure and dissemination of documents on sustainable development


In the TWENTYONE project environmental organisations, technology providers and research institutes from various European countries are working together to make documents on environmental issues - in particular on the subject of sustainable development - available on CD-ROM and on the Internet. To date these documents exist in a number of different media (paper, electronic documents, audio-visual material), formats (HTML, Word, PageMaker), and languages, and are often not available through standard publication channels. This diversity of media, formats and languages impedes both the distribution of documents and the possibility of targeted searching for and retrieval of required material. As a result of the TWENTYONE project all of these types of documents can be made available on CD ROM and on the Internet. Search engines are being developed to locate information, while automatic translation systems are employed to aid the comprehension of foreign texts. The economic advantage for the documents' authors and editors consists in their increased distribution, while the user profits from said documents and their contents being more easily accessible.

Funded by:European Union (Information Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Programme)
Project Manager:Hans Uszkoreit (Hans.Uszkoreit@dfki.de)
Contact:Hans Uszkoreit (Hans.Uszkoreit@dfki.de)
Duration: 01.01.1996 - 31.12.1998
Partners:NetherlandsGetronics (coordinator),
EnglandEnviron Trust,
USAHighland Software UK,
BelgiumFriends of the Earth Europe,
FranceRank Xerox Research Center, Grenoble,
NetherlandsMOOI Foundation NL,
GermanyUniversität Tübingen,
NetherlandsUniversity of Twente,
BelgiumVODO (Flemish Consortium on Sustainable Development)