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Preparation and Launch of a Large-Scale Action for Quality Translation Technology

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Quality translation of text into other languages is in higher demand today than ever before. Europe is the region where the lack of fast, affordable quality translation hurts the most. Despite considerable progress in Machine Translation (MT), which has enabled many new applications for automatic translation, the quality barriers for outbound translations, i.e., translations to be published or distributed outside an organisation, are not yet overcome. As a consequence, fewer translations are produced today than are needed for optimal business or required by law.

QTLaunchPad has assembled the best European centres of Machine Translation research, the most sophisticated and enthusiastic large-scale users of translation technology including enlightened potential users, technophile and quality conscious translation service and language tools providers, and resources and experienced technology integrators.

Together they have prepared a major push in translation technology concentrating on over-coming existing barriers to translation quality. To this end they have

and, last but not least, planned and launched a large scale research and innovation action for a breakthrough in quality translation technology.

Funded by:European Union
Project Manager:Hans Uszkoreit (Hans.Uszkoreit@dfki.de)
Contact:Aljoscha Burchardt (Aljoscha.Burchardt@dfki.de)
Duration: 01.07.2012 - 30.06.2014
Partners:IrelandDublin City University,
GreeceILSP: Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athena,
EnglandSheffield University