DFKI-LT - The SENSEVAL-II Panel on Domains, Topics and Senses

Paul Buitelaar
The SENSEVAL-II Panel on Domains, Topics and Senses
1 Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Systems (SENSEVAL-II), o.A., Toulouse, 2001
An important aspect of sense disambiguation is the wider semantic space (domain, topic) in which the ambiguous word occurs. This may be most clearly illustrated by some cross-lingual examples, as they would appear in (machine) translation. Consider for instance the English word housing. In a more general 'sense', this translates in German into "Wohnung". In an engineering setting however it translates into "Gehaeuse". Also verbs may be translated differently (i.e. have a different sense) according to the semantic space in which they occur. For instance, English "warming" up translates into "erhitzen" in a more general sense, but into "aufwaermen" in the sports domain. Because of the apparent relevance then of domains or topics on sense disambiguation, a panel was organized at SENSEVAL-2 to discuss some current and previous work in this area. The paper presents a more extended overview based on the relevant literature, besides giving a summary of the discussion that developed after the panel presentations.
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