DFKI-LT - Constraint-Based Techniques for Interfacing Software Modules

Stephan Busemann
Constraint-Based Techniques for Interfacing Software Modules
1 Proceedings of the AISB'99 Workshop on Reference Architectures and Data Standards for NLP, April 6-9, Pages 48-54, The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1999
The reuse of standardized software is among the primary goals of application builders. The vision of a building block scenario of pieces of software that can be configured to form a new application is becoming real. However, this vision places strong requirements on the interfaces. Practice dictates that it must be easy to combine building blocks. Hence the interfaces should be flexible and, ideally, adaptable to new tasks or domains. This paper presents a simple method to structurally relate interface languages and to check the syntactic correctness of expressions.
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