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Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Luigi Freda, Mario Gianni, Valsamis Ntouskos, Vaclav Hlavac, Vladimir Kubelka, Erik Zimmermann, Hartmut Surmann, Kresimir Dulic, Wolfgang Rottner, Emanuele Gissi
Deployment of Ground and Aerial Robots in Earthquake-Struck Amatrice in Italy (brief report)
in: Kamilo Melo (ed.):
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics, Pages 278-279, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, IEEE, IEEE, 10/2016
Alexandre Coninx, Paul Baxter, Elettra and Oleari, Sara Bellini, Bert Bierman, Olivier Blanson Henkemans, Lola Canamero, Piero Cosi, Valentin Enescu, Raquel Ros Espinoza, Antoine Hiolle, Rémi Humbert, Bernd Kiefer, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Rosemarijn Looije, Marco Mosconi, Mark Neerincx, Giulio Paci, Georgios Patsis, Clara Pozzi, Francesca Sacchitelli, Hichem Sahli, Alberto Sanna, Giacomo Sommavilla, Fabio Tesser, Yiannis Demiris, Tony Belpaeme
Towards Long-Term Social Child-Robot Interaction: Using Multi-Activity Switching to Engage Young Users
Journal of Human-Robot Interaction volume o.A., Pages o.A., o.A., 2016
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Elettra Oleari, Anahita Bagherzadhal, Francesca Sacchitelli, Bernd Kiefer, Stefania Racioppa, Clara Pozzi
Young Users’ Perception of a Social Robot Displaying Familiarity and Eliciting Disclosure
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Social Robotics, Paris, France, Springer, 10/2015
Joachim de Greeff, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Maaike Habers
Exploring the Ethical Landscape of Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Elettra Oleari, Clara Pozzi, Francesca Sacchitelli, Anahita Bagherzadhalimi, Sara Bellini, Bernd Kiefer, Stefania Racioppa, Alberto Sanna
Let’s Be Friends: Perception of a Social Robotic Companion for children with T1DM
Proceedings of the 1st international conference on social robots in therapy and education New Friends 2015, Almere, Netherlands, o.A., 10/2015
Joachim de Greeff, Koen Hindriks, Mark A Neerincx, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
Human-Robot Teamwork in USAR Environments: the TRADR Project
Proceedings of the Tenth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction Extended Abstracts, Pages 151-152, Portland, OR, USA, ACM, ACM, 3/2015
Bradley Hayes, Matthew C Gombolay, Malte F Jung, Koen Hindriks, Joachim de Greeff, Catholijn Jonker, Mark Neerincx, Jeffrey M Bradshaw, Matthew Johnson, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Maarten Sierhuis, Julie A Shah, Brian Scassellati (eds.)
HRI Workshop on Human-Robot Teaming (Workshop Proceedings)
Proceedings of the Tenth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction Extended Abstracts, Portland, Oregon, USA, ACM, ACM, 3/2015
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Francis Colas, Mario Gianni, Fiora Pirri, Joachim de Greeff, Koen Hindriks, Mark Neerincx, Petter Ögren, TomᨠSvoboda, Rainer Worst
TRADR Project: Long-Term Human-Robot Teaming for Robot Assisted Disaster Response
KI - Künstliche Intelligenz, German Journal on Artificial Intelligence - Organ des Fachbereiches "Künstliche Intelligenz" der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. volume 29 number 2, Pages 193-201, Springer, 2/2015
Geert-Jan Kruijff, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Shanker Keshavdas, Benoit Larochelle, Miroslav Janicek, Francis Colas, Ming Liu, François Pomerleau, Roland Siegwart, Mark A. Neerincx, Rosemarijn Looije, Nanja J. J. M. Smets, Tina Mioch, Jurriaan van Diggelen, Fiora Pirri, Mario Gianni, Federico Ferri, Matteo Menna, Rainer Worst, Thorsten Linder, Viatcheslav Tretyakov, Hartmut Surmann, TomᨠSvoboda, Michal Rein¨tein, Karel Zimmermann, TomᨠPetříček, Václav Hlaváč
Designing, developing, and deploying systems to support human-robot teams in disaster response
Advanced Robotics volume 28 number 23, Pages 1547-1570, Taylor & Francis, London, 12/2014
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Elettra Oleari, Ilaria Baroni, Bernd Kiefer, Mattia Coti Zelati, Clara Pozzi, Alberto Sanna
Effects of Off-Activity Talk in Human-Robot Interaction with Diabetic Children.
Ro-Man 2014: The 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, Pages 649-654, Edinburgh, IEEE, 8/2014
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Ilaria Baroni, Marco Nalin, Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Bernd Kiefer, Alberto Sanna
Children’s Turn-Taking Behavior Adaptation in Multi-Session Interactions with a Humanoid Robot
in: Guy Hoffman, Maya Cakmak, Crystal Chao (eds.):
Workshop on Timing in Human-Robot Interaction, Bielefeld, Germany, ACM/IEEE, ACM/IEEE, 2014
Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Nina Dethlefs
Non-Strict Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Interactive Systems and Robots
ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems volume 4 number 3, Pages o.A., ACM/IEEE, 2014
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Elettra Oleari, Clara Pozzi, Stefania Racioppa, Bernd Kiefer
Analysis of the Responses to System-Initiated Off-Activity Talk in Human-Robot Interaction with Diabetic Children
Proceedings of the 18th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Pages 90-97, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Heriot Watt University, 2014
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Bernd Kiefer, Ilaria Baroni, Mattia Coti Zelati
Making Human-Robot Quiz Dialogue More Conversational by Adding Non-Quiz Talk (Poster abstract)
in: Raquel Fernandez, Amy Isard (eds.):
Proceedings of the 17th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Pages 213-214, Amsterdam, Netherlands, University of Amsterdam, 2013
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Georgios Athanasopoulos, Aryel Beck, Piero Cosi, Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Tomas Dekens, Valentin Enescu, Antoine Hiolle, Bernd Kiefer, Hichem Sahli, Marc Schröder, Giacomo Sommavilla, Fabio Tesser, Werner Verhelst
An event-based conversational system for the Nao robot
Proceedings of IWSDS 2011: Workshop on Paralinguistic Information and its Integration in Spoken Dialogue Systems, Pages 125-132, Granada, Spain, Springer, 2011
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Raveesh Meena, Pirita Pyykkönen
Perception of Visual Scene and Intonation Patterns of Robot Utterances
Proceedings of the 6th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, Lausanne, Switzerland, ACM, ACM/IEEE, 2011
Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
Towards Learning Human-Robot Dialogue Policies Combining Speech and Visual Beliefs
in: Ramón López-Cózar Delgado, Tetsunori Kobayashi (eds.):
Proceedings of IWSDS 2011: Workshop on Paralinguistic Information and its Integration in Spoken Dialogue Systems, Pages 133-140, Granada, Spain, Springer, 2011
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Miroslav Janicek
Planning and Realizing Questions in Situated Human-Robot Interaction
Proceedings of the AAAI Fall Symposium on Question Generation, Arlington, Virginia, USA, AAAI Publications, AAAI, 2011
Geert-Jan Kruijff, Pierre Lison, Trevor Benjamin, Henrik Jacobsson, Hendrik Zender, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
Situated Dialogue Processing for Human-Robot Interaction
in: Henrik Iskov Christensen, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Jeremy L. Wyatt (eds.):
Cognitive Systems volume 8,
Cognitive Systems Monographs, Pages 311-364, Springer Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany, 2010
Nick Hawes, Marc Hanheide, Kristoffer Sjöö, Alper Aydemir, Patric Jensfelt, Moritz Göbelbecker, Michael Brenner, Hendrik Zender, Pierre Lison, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Michael Zillich
Dora The Explorer: A Motivated Robot
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS '10), Pages 1617-1618, Toronto, ON, Canada, International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2010
Hendrik Zender, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
Situated Resolution and Generation of Spatial Referring Expressions for Robotic Assistants
Proceedings of the Twenty-first International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Pasadena, CA, USA, o.A., AAAI, 7/2009
Hendrik Zender, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
A Situated Context Model for Resolution and Generation of Referring Expressions
Proceedings of the 12th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, Pages 126-129, Athens, Greece, o.A., Association for Computational Linguistics, 3/2009
M. Brenner, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
A Continual Multiagent Planning Approach to Situated Dialogue
Proceedings of the LONDIAL (The 12th SEMDIAL Workshop on Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue), London, United Kingdom, LONDIAL, 6/2008
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Tilman Becker, Nate Blaylock, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Michael Kaisser, Peter Poller, Verena Rieser, Jan Schehl
The SAMMIE corpus of multimodal dialogues with an MP3 player
Proceedings of The 5th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, Pages 2018-2023, Genoa, Italy, ELDA, 2006
Tilman Becker, Peter Poller, Jan Schehl, Nate Blaylock, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
The SAMMIE system: multimodal in-car dialogue
Coling ACL 2006 on Interactive presentations, Pages 57-60, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Association for Computational Linguistics, Morristown, 2006
Tilman Becker, Nate Blaylock, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Andreas Korthauer, Manfred Pinkal, Michael Pitz, Peter Poller, Jan Schehl
Natural and Intuitive Multimodal Dialogue for In-Car Applications: The SAMMIE System
in: G. Brewka, S. Coradeschi, A. Perini, P. Traverso (eds.):
ECAI 2006, Pages 612-616, Riva del Garda, Italy, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2006
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Nate Blaylock, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Verena Rieser, Tilman Becker, Michael Kaißer, Peter Poller, Jan Schehl
An experiment setup for collecting data for adaptive output planning in a multimodal dialogue system
in: Graham Wilcock, Kristiina Jokinen, Chris Mellish, Ehud Reiter (eds.):
Proceedings of the 10th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG-05), Pages 191-196, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, ACL, 8/2005
Oana Postolache, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Geert-Jan Kruijff
Data-driven approaches for information structure identification
Proceedings of the Conference on Emperical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Vancouver, BC, Canada, ACL, 2005
Geert-Jan Kruijff, John A. Bateman, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
Multilingual resource sharing across both related an unrelated languages: An implemented, open-source framework for practical natural language generation
Journal for Research on Language and Computation volume 3 number 2, Pages 191-219, Springer Verlag, 2005
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Tilman Becker, Nate Blaylock, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Michael Kaisser, Peter Poller, Jan Schehl, Verena Rieser
Presentation Strategies for Flexible Multimodal Interaction with a Music Player
in: Claire Gardent, Bertrand Gaiffe (eds.):
Proceedings of DIALOR'05, Nancy, France, o.A., 2005