DFKI-LT - Publications

Renlong Ai, Marcela Charfuelan Oliva, Walter Kasper, Tina Klüwer, Hans Uszkoreit, Feiyu Xu, Sandra Gasber, Philip Gienandt
Sprinter: Language Technologies for Interactive and Multimedia Language Learning
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2014), Reykjavik, Iceland, European Language Resources Association, 2014
Tina Klüwer, Feiyu Xu, Peter Adolphs, Hans Uszkoreit
Evaluation of the KomParse Conversational Non-Player Characters in a Commercial Virtual World
Proceedings of the International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, N/A, 2012
Tina Klüwer
A Multi-threading Extension to State-based Dialogue Management
in: Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Jonathan Ginzburg, Staffan Larsson (eds.):
Proceedings of SemDial 2012 (SeineDial): The 16th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Paris, France, o.A., 2012
Peter Adolphs, Anton Benz, Núria Bertomeu, Xiwen Cheng, Tina Klüwer, Manfred Krifka, Alexandra Strekalova, Hans Uszkoreit, Feiyu Xu
Conversational Agents in a Virtual World
Proceedings of the 34th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Berlin, Germany, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 10/2011
Tina Klüwer
From Chatbots to Dialogue Systems
in: Diana Perez-Marton, Ismael Pascual-Nieto (eds.):
Conversational Agents and Natural Language Interaction: Techniques and Effective Practices, Pages 1-22, IGI Global Publishing Group, 7/2011
Tina Klüwer
"i like your shirt" - Dialogue Acts for Enabling Social Talk in Conversational Agents
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, Reykjavik, Iceland, Springer, 2011
Tina Klüwer, Peter Adolphs, Feiyu Xu, Hans Uszkoreit
A Dialogue System for Conversational NPCs
Paralinguistic Information and its Integration in Spoken Dialogue Systems, Granada, Spain, Springer, 2011
Tina Klüwer, Peter Adolphs, Feiyu Xu, Hans Uszkoreit, Xiwen Cheng
Talking NPCs in a Virtual Game World
Proceedings of the ACL 2010 System Demonstrations, Uppsala, Sweden, Association for Computational Linguistics, 7/2010
Peter Adolphs, Xiwen Cheng, Tina Klüwer, Hans Uszkoreit, Feiyu Xu
Question Answering Biographic Information and Social Network Powered by the Semantic Web
in: Nicoletta Calzolari, Khalid Choukri, Bente Maegaard, Joseph Mariani, Jan Odjik, Stelios Piperidis, Mike Rosner, Daniel Tapias (eds.):
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Valletta, Malta, European Language Resources Association (ELRA), 5/2010
Tina Klüwer, Hans Uszkoreit, Feiyu Xu
Using Syntactic and Semantic based Relations for Dialogue Act Recognition
Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2010), Poster Session, Beijing, China, o.A., Association for Computational Linguistics, 2010
Tina Klüwer
RMRSBot - Using Linguistic Information to Enrich a Chatbot
Intelligent Virtual Agents. 9th International Conference, Proceedings volume 5773/2009,
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009
Berthold Crysmann, Nuria Bertomeu, Peter Adolphs, Daniel Flickinger, Tina Klüwer
Hybrid Processing for Grammar and Style Checking
Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Pages 153-160, Manchester, United Kingdom, Coling 2008 Organizing Committee, 2008